The Watermen’s Museum Educational Programs

Archeology ClassEducation of children and adults is the primary function of every successful museum. Education is a lifelong process and doesn’t end with graduation at any level of schooling. Our activities and exhibits are designed to illustrate and explain the importance of the efforts and accomplishments by those who work the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. These exhibits and the supporting programs are our most important means of educating our visitors. Adult education programs include lectures, videos, music venues, and demonstrations scheduled periodically by the museum. Check the museum schedule for upcoming events of interest to you.

Our formal educational programs begin at the start of each school year. Most programs are half-day or slightly less.  These programs are designed for a minimum group size of 15 unless previously coordinated and tailored to feet other specific needs.

We are an ideal addition to any school field trip visiting the Historic Triangle area. Our field trips are designed to make learning a fun, hands-on experience.  Schools sometimes request special programs to address the interests of older students, preschoolers or those with special needs. We are happy to work with your school to help teachers find ways to bring their teaching objectives to life. Call our Education Director, Mike Steen, at the Museum for more information.

The Watermen’s Museum also offers special courses for educators and parents that will teach the participants how to conduct environmental and cultural educational programs. As museum volunteers, these trained teachers can help facilitate their schools’ visit to the museum. In turn, their school will receive a discount on the cost of the education program.