A Maritime Nation

Watermen aboard the Senora work the James River for oysters on Wednesday.

Watermen aboard Senora work the James River

The United States has always been a maritime nation.  Join the museum staff in an exploration of our shared maritime heritage. From the Virginia Indians and the early explorers, and from colonial shipping to the modern day, the waterways of Virginia have influenced how we have worked and lived.

Orientation and 3 – 20 Minute Stations:

  1. A Maritime Nation
  2. Virginia Indian Fishing
  3. Boat Building
  4. Chesapeake Bay Watermen

Grade level: 4-12

Program Location: Watermen’s Museum

Program Length: 1.5 hours

Program Cost: $5 per participant

To schedule a program tour at the museum or to receive more information, please call (757) 887-2641 or email “admin @watermens.org” (please remove space from address and copy to your email “TO” section.