Chef Battle Invitation

We are planning our 3rd Chef’s Battle of Yorktown on 16 October, 2022.  Before the Covid pandemic, we hosted our  2nd Battle of the Chefs, on 17 October 2020, from 12 – 4 PM EST.   Two chefs (Chef E and Chef K) battled it out on the anniversary date of the end of the 1781 Battle of Yorktown. Each Chef had to prepare food over and open flame using ingredients that would have been available in the 1700’s, items such as rabbit, turkey, persimmons, oysters and other items.  And, to make it more challenging, the Chefs didn’t know know what ingredients they would have to use until preparation for cooking each meal course began.

Chef K, symbolically representing the British, was victorious in 2020

.  This year…who knows which team will emerge victorious from the chaos and fog of this intense battle.


Here’ a copy of the poster from the 2019 Battle.