Chef Battle Invitation

Join us for the 2nd Annual Battle of the Chefs! 17 October 2020, 12 – 4 PM EST.  FREE to the public. But, if you want VIP tickets to taste everything the Chefs have created, the cost will only be $25 per person.

Two chefs will will battle it out on the anniversary date of the end of the 1781 Battle of Yorktown.  Last year, the the Chef Team representing the British was victorious.  This year…who know which team will emerge victorious from the chaos and fog of this intense battle.

Didja know that the chefs will have a pantry, but they won’t know what proteins (meats) they’ll have to cook until the battle begins? And, a surprise ingredient they will have to incorporate will be announced sometime during the battle.

So, join us for a great Battle of the Chefs. Who knows? The British might actually win this second Battle of Yorktown…they did have the home field advantage during the first battle…at least for a while. So, come root for your favorite team!

Here’ a copy of the poster from the 2019 Battle.