GiveLocal757 will be May 10, 2022

Last year, quite a few folks donated to us through the GiveLocal757 campaign 24-hour giving session.  Thank you so much!

This year, the GiveLocal757 Giving Date is May 10th, 2022.  But, the site is active all year long.  You can go directly to our own home page or to the Watermen’s Museum Givelocal757 page at and donate anytime you’d like.   But, of course, if you go to the GiveLocal757 site, after you’re finished donating to our Museum you can also save time and donate to many other charities while you are still at the site.

If you want to donate on the the 24-hour Giving Day, the ‘marathon’ donation Giving Tuesday this year is on May 12th, 2020.  So, get ready….