Last Chance for Summer Camps

Well, summer is rapidly coming to a close.  As of this post, we really only have the month of August before our Camps are over and most kids start going back to school.  But, the important part of this message is that we still have the month of August for you to enroll your kids in our great summer camp programs!  Here is what we have to offer.

Pirate Camp:  We have four Monday-Friday August camps for kids in grades K-5.  The Pirate Camps operate:  August 1-5, 8-12,

Archaeology Camp:  One Monday-Friday August Archaeology camp for kids in grades K-5 remains.  The camp will run from.August 22-26.

Boat Building Camp: We have two Monday-Friday August Boat Building camps for kids in grades K-5.  The camps will run from.August 1-5 and from August 8-12.

Nature Explorer Camp: One Monday-Friday August Archaeology camp for kids in grades K-5 remains.  The camp will run from.August 15-19.

What should you know about all of our camps?  Well, at the risk of making some ‘competing’  local or regional camp managers upset, we must say that our camps are definitely the best value for the money for parents and the most fun for the kids.  All of our camps are designed as hands-on learning experiences based upon existing SOL requirements of Virginia Schools.  But, unlike typical lecture or classroom sessions, we have designed the camps to include hands-on experiences to reinforce the knowledge the kids may not even realize they are learning.  In short, the kids have lots of fun learning what it is like to be an Archaeologist, Boat Builder, or Nature Specialist (marine biology, wetlands expert, marine exploration or conservation, or more). in a great learning environment where fun overshadows the fact that they are learning.

So, visit our website Camp area and sign up your children, grandchildren, or total strangers’ children (just kidding….you can only sign up kids you are in charge of) for our great summer camps.  The cost is only $160 for Pirate Camp and $180 for each of the other Camps. You also get a free annual membership to the Museum with each enrollment.  But, like all great deals, there is a catch…you can only keep one membership… if you have more than one kid in camp or have the same kid in multiple camps.  That means that you can keep an existing Best Friend Forever (BFF) of make a new one when you give them your additional memberships. Furthermore, every additional registration you establish results in a discount. So, if you enroll in more than one session, you will receive a discount in EVERY enrollment your immediate family signs up for.

Visit to learn more and to download the forms to register for the Camps.  We hope to see you soon!!!