1781 Yorktown Waterfront

Map of the Battle of Yorktown by John FawkesCome and explore the history in our own backyard. This hands-on program puts students into the fighting at the Siege of Yorktown. Students will explore the realities of life during the siege of 1781 and how weather changed history.

Orientation and 3 – 20 Minute Stations:

  1. Why Yorktown /Map Studies
  2. Common Sailor in the Virginia State Navy
  3. Naval Weapons and Tactics
  4. The Sunken Fleet

Grade level: 4-12

Program Location: Watermen’s Museum

Program Length: 1.5 hours

Program Cost: $5 per participant

To schedule a program tour at the museum or to receive more information, please call (757) 887-2641 or email “admin @watermens.org” (please remove space from address and copy to your email “TO” section.