Field Trips and Other Educational Programs

Archeology ClassEducation of children and adults is the primary function of every successful museum. Our activities and exhibits are designed to illustrate and explain the importance of the efforts and accomplishments by those who work the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Our formal educational programs begin at the start of each school year. Most programs are half-day or slightly less.  These programs are designed for a minimum group size of 25 unless previously coordinated and tailored to meet other specific needs.

We are an ideal addition to any school field trip visiting the Historic Triangle area. Our field trips are designed to make learning a fun, hands-on experience.  Schools sometimes request special programs to address the interests of older students, preschoolers or those with special needs. We are happy to work with your school to help teachers find ways to bring their teaching objectives to life. Call our Education Director, Mike Steen, at the Museum for more information.

The Watermen’s Museum also offers special courses for educators and parents that will teach the participants how to conduct environmental and cultural educational programs. As museum volunteers, these trained teachers can help facilitate their schools’ visit to the museum. In turn, their school will receive a discount on the cost of the education program.

More about our Field Trips…

Parents and Other Adults are Free:  All teachers and other adults accompanying visiting students are invited to attend field trips free of charge unless otherwise indicated in the Field Trip description. Exceptions for this policy are caused by our need to pay partner organizations for staff time and equipment use.

Parking for Buses and Parents:  Our large parking lot between the main Museum building and the Coleman Bridge can hold over a dozen busses. This lot is also parking for adults who assist the field trip.  We ask all field trip visitors use the large lot so our smaller lot is open for other patrons.

 Stay for Lunch or to Explore:  We invite visiting groups to stay after their field trip or arrive early and have lunch or explore Yorktown.  Just let us know in advance of your needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.

 Visits During Inclement Weather:  Most Field Trips involve activities based on water or shore environments.  Of course, weather can sometimes become a factor in whether we can provide listed Field Trip services.  For rainy days when weather does not pose a safety risk, we have alternate activities that will allow children to still learn about the syllabus topics.

 Pay On-Site or Invoiced:  Although we will accept payment in advance, we prefer to be paid either on the day of the event or after the event has occurred so that each school only pays for the exact number of children that attended on the day of the field trip.  We’re happy to invoice your school if you prefer.  Receipts are always available if you want one.

 Tailored Field Trips:  The Field Trip topics listed are definitely not the only subjects that we can offer your school.  If you have other ideas on what your group would like us to provide, please let us know.  We will be happy to tailor a field trip to your specific needs.

 We Can Visit Your School:  We would also be happy to discuss coming to your school instead of you coming to our site.  We can easily provide part or full day support at you location for tailored educational activities supporting student, teachers, or parent groups.