Our 2020 Summer Camps

We’re pleased to say that we plan on offering our Award-winning Summer Camps again this year.

The major changes from previous years that you’ll notice when you look at the form is that we have eliminated the high-school level camps, combined our two nature camps (land and water environments), and scaled back on the frequency of all remaining camps to where we are only running one camp per week; not two simultaneous camps.  In other words, Pirate camp will occur almost every-other week with a different camp in between each week-long session.  The other camps we are offering are Archaeology, Boat Building, and Environmental Explorer.

Something you won’t see in the form is that we have reduced the maximum class size for the Pirate Camp (normally 30 kids) to allow for more social distancing. We will have hand sanitizer available and will encourage children to use it frequently.  In addition, we will ensure our staff cleans the restroom facilities more frequently and deep cleans at the end of camp each day. Additional details about the camps can be found on the attached forms.  If you have any questions, please drop us an email or give us a call.

Full details and registration forms can be found on our Summer Fun web page at https://watermens.org/summer-fun/.

We look forward to having fun again this year.