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The Watermen’s Museum Boat Building Projects

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The art and science of wooden boats is both fascinating and enticing. Whether by “rack of eye” or the thorough process of lofting from a Table of Offsets and plans, the process of creating a boat from raw materials is an activity that has been done along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay for hundreds of years.

The Watermen’s Museum Boat Building Program is a place where people with a passion for wooden boats can become part of the process of creating, repairing, or restoring these beautiful craft.


web Passagemaker-StaubThe boat building program operates through the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers. Over time, our boat building teams have completed construction of an 1880’s crab skiff (sharpie) and multiple rowing skiffs after a design by Kunhardt (1873), as well as a stitch-n-glue Chesapeake Lightcraft Dinghy.  They have also constructed a 14-foot Norwegian Pram and restored many boas of various styles and sizes.

While our plans for the future include a formal training program, we’re presently structured as a “come as you are” volunteer program for adults.  You could assist our volunteer boat building teams with a variety of boat building and carpentry tasks.projects

Workshop Times/Dates
The boat building crew works varying hours, but most often on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Watch a Video About a Boatbuilding or Restoration Project
 1.  YouTube Video About our Juniper Skiff Restoration (Courtesy WMBG Radio)

2. YouTube Video of Jaycees’ Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta (Courtesy John Broadwater)