Virginia Indian Maritime Study

indians make canoesJoin us for an experiential study of Virginia Indian Maritime Heritage. The students will participate in an on-water kayak program.  Safety and paddling lessons are provided by trained kayak instructors.

Orientation and 3 – 20 Minute Stations:

  1. World of the Powhatan / Map Studies
  2. Virginia Indian Maritime Heritage
  3. Canoe Construction
  4. Kayak Program

Grade level: 4-12

Program Location: Watermen’s Museum

Program Length: 2.5 hours

Program Cost: $35 student

Note: Adults who accompany children in Kayaks must pay a kayak instruction fee of $45. Seating is limited.

To schedule a program tour at the museum or to receive more information, please call (757) 887-2641 or email “admin” (please remove space from address and copy to your email “TO” section.