School Visits and Field Trips

????????????????????????????????????Well, summer vacation is over and the the kids have gone back to school.  That means we’re transitioning from our summer educational programs about pirates, archeology, boatbuilding, and nature exploration topics towards our educational support of public and private schools and home schooling student education.  During the last school year, we hosted over 4,250 students and over 200 parents and teachers, representing over 11,000 hours of student instruction.  Of course, most of those vistis were in the months of September, October, April, and May.

So, as you can see student visits are pretty frequent during the peak months.  But, our support doesn’t all occur during those months.  Throughout the year, we revise and update our various education programs (we currently have 13 separate programs serving grades Pre-K through college level) to ensure they stay informative, fun, and linked to state and local requirements.  And, when requested, we develop specialized training programs to support the unique needs of special education, adult learning and other tailored training.

We believe education is important for young and old.  So, throughout the year, we seek grants and public and private donations.  And, we conduct fundraising activities (dances, oyster roasts, chili cook-offs, and many more) to ensure costs for all of our education programs remain as low as possible.

So, what does all of this mean?  If you are an educator (for adults or children; military or civilian; SOL or tailored-needs based), please contact us and discuss your needs.  We promise we will do our very best to meet your training needs in History, Cultural, and Environmental topics.

But, act as quickly as you can.  The education schedule fills up very quickly for the four key months shown above.  So, review our courses against your needs.  Then, contact us quickly to set-up a date for your group’s visit.  You can reach us by phone @ 757.887.2641 or by email: