Please Donate Generously on May 8

Museum Members, Friends, and Other Community Citizens:

Give Local 757 is fast approaching! — In just two days!  This is a wonderful opportunity to help local non-profits achieve their objectives and accomplish their missions.

2 Days from today:

Give Local 757

24 hours to Give where you LIVE!

May 8th, Midnight – Midnight

We are excited to again participate in the Annual Give Local 757 campaign, Hampton Roads Giving Day to benefit local nonprofits. Building on the momentum generated over the past 5 years, your support of Watermen’s Museum can be a wonderful part of this entire campaign!  And, guess what, you don’t even have to live in the 757 Area Code to make a huge impact.

The mission of the Watermen’s Museum is to demonstrate the role Chesapeake Bay Watermen, from pre-colonial to modern times, have played in the shaping of our nation. This year, our goals are to engage 250 donors and raise $10,000 on May 8th. We intend to use these funds to expand our Children’s educational program offerings and upgrade some of our exhibits.  Because we are a small organization with only two paid full-time employees and nearly 100 volunteers, we can assure you that your generous donation will have the maximum impact on improving all aspects of our operations.

There are two major ways you can help us:

  • Donate (starting as small as $10) – go anytime during the 24-hour campaign. But, we can also be awarded additional bonus funds if you donate at specific times.  Of course, your donation at any time during the campaign will greatly benefit our Museum.  But, we can magnify your donation’s impact by earning bonus dollars, if you try to focus you donations:
    1. Immediately after the Midnight start time make a donation of $50 or more – The first 3 organizations to receive 50 unique donations of $50 or more will be awarded $1,000 each
    2. Post Rush Hour Prize, 10 – 11 am – $757 additional money will be awarded to the organization who receives the highest number of unique donations during this time
    3. 7th Inning Stretch Prize, 7 – 8 pm – $757 will be awarded to the organization who receives the highest number of unique donations during this time.
  • Share – Tell everyone (friends, family, colleagues, church, etc.) you know on social media with posts and IM, by email, text, phone call or in person. Your willingness to get the word out to as many people as possible will greatly impact how many donations we receive.  So, please, unabashedly send this notice to everyone you know.

Thank you, in advance for your generous donations and for alerting everyone you know to our cause.  We promise to put every dollar to good use supporting our educational programs!

Steve Ormsby,

President of the Watermen’s Museum