Free Music Jam Session

Join us for our longest running musical activity (nine years and counting).  The Museum’s monthly jam session takes place every Second Wednesday and brings together professional and amateur musicians, as well as the folks that just downright love music, for a night acoustic fun. The event features the Museum’s in-house band ShantyGrass, who will join in with everyone.

Beginning at 5:30 PM on the Second Wednesday of each month and running until 9 PM, we’ll go around the circle of chairs picking songs to sing and play together.

The Museum president Steve Ormsby said.  “We have moms and dads, kids and old-timers, locals and tourists show up on a regular basis. The only rule is when it’s your turn to pick a tune, you can’t pass. But, you can pick a song out of the song books we provide or another song of your choosing.  Anyone who can’t think of a song can draw a title from the museum’s “cup of shame” to make a selection.  And, you don’t have to lead or even sing along.  ShantyGrass and friends will do our best to perform your choice.”

If you have an instrument, please bring it with you.  And, please bring a small snack or a dish to share.  We’ll have limited refreshments on hand.  Donations are gladly accepted to help us fund this program and our children’s education programs.

So, join us  for an evening of musical fun as we stroll along memory lane singing songs we all remember…and some that you’ve never heard before.