Helping with GiveLocal757

Dear Museum Friends:

As we mentioned in our last news page, on May 9th we all had a special opportunity to donate to local charities.  Many folks participated in this campaign called “Give Local 757“. During the 24 hour period, on May 9th from Midnight – Midnight, over seven thousand (7,440) donors contributed over $634,000 to charities on the Virginia Peninsula.  We are fortunate to be one of those charities.  Thank you for your support to the entire campaign and to our Museum.

This was our first year participating in the GiveLocal757 campaign.  And, it was a success that we will build on next year.  Although we didn’t reach our stretch goal, we did very well.  The donations we received will help us sustain and grow our educational programs for kids and adults.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Peninsula Campaign.  And, a special thanks to those who donated to the Museum.  For, those of you that missed on this opportunity, please join us next year.  There are a lot of non-profit organizations in our area doing great things for the people in our communities.  They can all benefit from you donation and your support.


Steve Ormsby
President, Watermen’s Museum