Oyster Roast Tickets are Now Available

Well, we’ve been doing the Oyster Roast as our major fundraiser for over a decade. And, you know what? This year our 10th Annual Oyster Roast will be on Saturday, 16 September. We’ll start serving at Noon and continue serving until 3 PM. You’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like. But, we’ll start tearing down the oyster table and cleaning up before 5 PM.  This is an all-you-can-eat event.  So make sure you arrive early enough to get your fill.

Before we discuss oysters and the tickets, let me tell you that this fundraiser helps fund our visiting school field trips, our on-site efforts with area schools, our summer camps, the special needs programs and many other aspects of our education efforts.  In addition, proceeds from this event and others allow us to update our exhibits, pay our bills, and maintain our beautiful colonial revival buildings.  As you can tell, the impact of the money you spend on this great event is far ranging and immediate.

But, enough about the business of running a museum.  What kind of oysters will we have? Well…Raw and Roasted, of course. We plan to have bushels upon bushels of oysters. And, they will be locally harvested oysters provided to us by local seafood companies from various locations so you will get to taste variations in flavor from the buttery to the salty flavors.  And, for those of you that prefer other food, we’ll also serve homemade Clam Chowder, Hot Dogs, side dishes and desserts.

Like we said, tickets are for all-you-can-eat. Oyster-eater tickets are merely $45. For those of you that know oyster prices, you’re getting a great deal for oyster, chowder, hot dogs, sides, dessert, and a beverage at this price, especially if you can eat more than a dozen oysters.

And if you aren’t a fan of oysters (surprisingly, these people exist.  LOL)…Non-oyster eater tickets are only $35.

Tickets for kids 6-14 are $20. Children five and under are admitted free.

$5 discounts apply for all early purchasers, Museum members, and active duty military families.  Of course, we don’t mind if you want to help a child or a friend expand their culinary horizons be tasting one of you raw or roasted oysters. In fact, we encourage it.  But, please don’t share oysters otherwise.  If someone decides they want oysters after having received a taste, but their ticket doesn’t cover it, we will gladly assist them in upgrading their ticket to the proper level.

Tickets are available now at the Watermen’s Museum Gift Shop. You can reach us at 757-887-2641 or by email at: admin@watermens.org.  We plan to have tickets available soon at at Carrot Tree Kitchens locations and at Patriot Tours and Provisions locations.