Phase 1 of Ramp Project Complete

We have begun our project of installing an accessibility ramp for our Carriage House building.  This building supports our adult and youth educational programs, children’s summer camps, and many of our concerts, exhibits, and events. The building is elevated a little over 6 feet above ground level.  So, the construction of an accessibility ramp is essential since the original personnel lift is not repairable.

The first step of this project is to create enough room for the ramp. So, we need to turn our 30’x50′ events tent to gain the additional room. But, before the tent can be turned, we first had to create a 36’x24′ addition to our existing ground-level deck.  Work on this effort began on Thursday, October 18th with the removal of about two dump truck loads of fill dirt from the planned site. Chandler Landscaping and Yorktown Rotary provided two days of equipment and labor to prepare the location. And, we have been very fortunate to have wonderful donors and volunteers to help with this project.  On Saturday, Chandler Landscaping and Museum volunteers completed the site preparation by spreading, leveling, and compacting the crush and run base material. 

CA Barrs Construction donated the crush and run material for use as the base under the patio area.  Rappahannock Concrete donated enough beautiful paving stones to cover the entire area.  Chandler Landscaping provided equipment, project leadership and expertise, and the edging materials to ensure the completed patio edges are properly secured.

Then, on Sunday, October 21st, the really hard work began.  A young man named Ethan, working towards Eagle Scout, led his team of scouts, parents, and friends in spreading the leveling sand and laying over 3,000 paver stones.  Guided by three experts from Chandler Landscaping, the scouts began the construction process in one corner and began to work their way outward.  While some scout team members kept the stone supply moving from the nearby pallets, others wheelbarrowed sand onto the crush and run and screeded it flat in front of the team laying the paving stones in place.  After all the paver stones were set in place, the team installed the barrier strips to secure the pavers in place permanently and back-filled dirt around the edges.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get everything done we hoped.  We had planned to also rotate the tent when we finished.  But, the winds were too high on Sunday to safely move the tent.  Fortunately, we already have volunteers from the York County Fire Department, Yorktown Rotary Club, and the Museum that have stepped up to assist us whenever we are ready to turn the tent.

Now, the next phase will begin…demolition of the area where the ramp will be installed and the construction of the 70-foot accessibility ramp. This phase of the effort is being largely funded through donations of materials and money. We are blessed to be the recipients of a grant from Rotary International and a pledge from the Yorktown Rotary Club to help us. But, construction of a ramp of this size will be expensive.  And, this phase of the project will also be very manpower intensive.  We sure could benefit from additional help.

If you feel you could also help with money, materials or man-hours, please contact us at 757-887-2641, email, or mail us at PO Box 519, Yorktown VA 23690-0519.