Thanks to PCHS Volunteers

To celebrate the anniversary of the school’s founding, Peninsula Catholic High School students spend a day on service projects within their community.  On October 5th, for the second year in a row, Peninsula Catholic sent a busload of students to the Watermen’s Museum in Yorktown to assist with maintenance and shoreline preservation.  Last year, we were blessed with the help of the young men from PCHS.  This year, the young women came to assist us.  And, what they accomplished in a couple of hours is amazing.  The group of about 20 students washed windows, hauled branches trimmed from our trees and shrubs, constructed the base for a living shoreline dune to combat beach erosion, swept the Riverwalk and boardwalk areas, and even had a few minutes to enjoy dabbling in the York River when the work was done.  Teachers and students alike enjoyed the work as they laughed and worked while helping out our Museum.  We can’t thank them enough for all of their help.  We’re looking forward to the next visit of these wonderful future leaders.

PCHS Service Day – On the way to Watermen’s Museum

PCHS Service Day – We arrived ready to work!

PCHS Service Day – There were lots of trimmed branches to haul

PCHS Service Day – We wove the branches into a base for a shoreline dune

PCHS Service Day – We also washed doors and windows at the Carriage House

PCHS Service Day – Our last task was to sweep the Riverwalk and boardwalks of tree debris